Amazing Charts Version 10 Required for E-Prescribing and Portal as of Jan. 1 , 2019

In April of this year we notified all Amazing Charts users via this Inbox Messaging that all users are required to update to Amazing Charts Version 10 by October 1, 2018 in order to maintain your ability to send prescriptions electronically and comply with accepted industry-wide security protocols.   We are pleased to announce that our e-prescribing vendor has extended that deadline to the end of 2018 to allow additional time for users to comply with this mandate.  However, that extension was accompanied with a warning that this extension could be rescinded should a security flaw or exploit be identified in the existing older protocols.  We were also recently notified by Updox, our Patient Portal partner, that they too will be mandating the new TLS 1.2 security protocols by January 2019.  .  


If you are receiving this message, our records indicated at the time this was sent that you are not in compliance and at risk of losing the ability to E-prescribe  and communicate with your Updox Portal if you do not take action before the deadline.

You have 3 options to upgrade to Version 10:

1.     Client Portal

As we announced earlier this year we've been working diligently to create a better user experience for upgrading to the latest version of Amazing Charts.
The vast majority of our clients are now able to successfully complete upgrades on their own. You can find everything you need to work through the upgrade process, including self-help documentation, step-by-step guidance, and videos, by logging into your client portal. Should you require minor assistance, our support department is happy to help via chat or phone

2.     Schedule an appointment and a technician from Amazing Charts will do the upgrade for you remotely

If you want us to perform the upgrade for you, you can schedule an appointment, and we'll remotely log in to your system to perform the upgrade. This typically takes 1-3 hours depending on the number of systems and there is a fee for this service: 
       Main Computer/server only  $200
       Main computer/server and up to 5 local computers  -  $400,  with each additional local computer: $50.

There is no fee if you attempt to do the upgrade yourself and encounter a problem, nor is there a fee if you’re installing Amazing Charts on a brand new computer and need some help.

3.     For our hosted Amazing Charts in the Cloud users, we’ll be updating you to the latest version in the near future at no cost to you.


If you feel you cannot do the upgrade yourself and require our assistance it is strongly advisable to schedule an appointment and reserve a date as soon as possible.

If the mandate goes into effect on January 1, 2019, or possible sooner, you will not be able to e-prescribe until you are updated which could take many weeks or longer if an overwhelming number if customers do not upgrade themselves and rely on our assistance.


Important Note:  Because we have a mandatory update in effect, if you contact Customer Support regarding an issue which requires substantial investigation on our behalf, you may be asked to upgrade to Version 10 before we'll be able to triage your problem in depth, which may cause some delay in resolution.  

Click here to view the Version 10 Release Notes describing all new features

Version 10.0 is a very stable release with no reports of any significant defects that would impact your daily workflows. It has been in General Release now since April 2018 and in production at over 1,000 practices.

The next version of Amazing Charts, Version 10.1, is currently in beta and we anticipate General release later in Q4.  However this date is tentative,  therefore it is not advised that you delay updating to version 10 in anticipation of this release.

 If you have any further questions about this release please contact us via standard support channels at your convenience.


Chris Conrad

Product Manager for Amazing Charts